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We are pleased to introduce PISC's clothing range. Please take some time to browse our own Merchandise Catalogue
Since September '16 there is a new range of cotton garments, polo shirts, T-shirts, short and long sleeves, and caps at very competitive prices.
You will also find long sleeve fleeces, technical jackets, and shorts. 
The well known and highly appreciated "COOL" polo shirts, T-shirts and caps are available as usual. (Iron free, inherent wickability)
As of the spring time you will find vests and other sleeveless garments. 
All prices include the PISC logo and vat.
At the clubhouse you can look at and try various sizes and colours.
Orders can be placed through Dorothy Govaerts on most Fridays, and on selected dates at Agios Georgios.
Please allow some time for your orders to come through, some items come from the UK.

''Club rules say that all orders have to be paid upfront."

Dorothy Govaerts

PISC Merchandise